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Contacts & info

Phone: (0039) 090 2932541

Address: Viale San Martino is 26c n° 371, Messina

E-mail:   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Shipping Method:

All Shipments are mady by SDA Courier as follows:

Weight Rate Timing*
- Up to 9 Kg 19,50€ 48h/72h
- Up to 19 Kg 21,50€ 48h/72h
- Air freight only for Cassata Already in the price 24h
- Promo only for Sicilia in Regalo Already in the price 48h/72h
*Delivery times are to be considered excluding all holidays and pre-holidays times. These are times related directly to SDA, so we are not responsible for delays.

N.B.: The price and delivery times should be considered only for shipments WITHIN the Italian territory, and subject to change for "disadvantaged and similar places". For all other shipping prices and times may vary, so please contact us by phone or email.

For The World :

The shipments across Europe (EU) and across other Countries are regulated in “Yes We Can” Section, which shows the various rates**.To know which group belongs your country of destination of the shipment, review the table. Clic Here to GO :

N.B.:** For this tpe of shipping prices and times may vary, so please contact us by phone or email.

Payment Method:

Currently the only method of payment accepted is bank transfer. It’s a convenient and fast, now all banks allow you to make transfers via the Web (for more information ask at your local bank), allowing you to buy from the comfort of your desk. Recall also that with this method of payment the order will be sended only after the funds will be in our account of the transfer.
N.B.: Before you make the bank transfer is necessary to wait for order confirmation via email.

Condition of Selling


The order will be perfected through the following stages:

  • By sending the order, the customer sends “Pasticceria Petrella” a proposal to purchase the product or products selected. The sending of the purchase order requires the agreement (pursuant to Art. 10 DL 185/1999) to receive further communications ““Pasticceria Petrella” described below, which are aimed exclusively to the conclusion and execution of the sales contract.
  • Following this, “Pasticceria Petrella” confirm the order changing status of the order, notifying the change to the customer via an email confirmation (is important that the email provided during registration is really existing and in possession of the Customer).
  • Possible option to cancel your order (to be defined).
  • Once the customer receive the confirmation email, will be free to make a payment; the speed with which proceed at this stage is in the totally customer’s interest: before we receive your payment before the goods will be dispatched.
  • After notification of the payment and verification of the bank, “Pasticceria Petrella” promise to assign the package to the courier as soon as possible.


No responsibility can be attributed to Pastry Petrella for delayed or failed delivery due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. Pastry Petrella is can not held responsible for damage to the goods purchased or delay in delivery caused by the carrier, remaining totally alien to the relationship between that carrier and the customer.


Under LD. 206/2005 The products offered are included in the goods case under art. 55 c.1 lit., as the case of perishable goods. For this reason it is not exercisable by the consumer the right to withdraw


Prices are as indicated in the brochures of the product and are IVA tax included.


The sales contract between the customer and “Pasticceria Petrella” is considered to be concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian law.

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