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Yes We Can

Thanks to a trade agreement with our courier service, we have managed to create a new service for our customers: YES WE CAN.

From today you will be able to make to taste, all over the world, our Sicilian sweets to who you desires, and you will also able to receive them anywhere, benefited from a cheaper shipping cost

The following are our rates:

    Weight Rate ** Timing *
  SPECIAL PACK (for only one product's order up to 2kg ***) Up to 2 Kg 39€ 48-72h
  NORMAL PACK Up to 2,5 Kg 56€ 48-72h
  MAXI PACK Up to 5 Kg 64€ 48-72h
  PACK 1 Up to 2,5 Kg 56€ 48-72h
  PACK 2 Up to 5 Kg 74€ 48-72h
FAR EAST        
  PACK 1 Up to 2,5 Kg 69€ 48-72h
  PACK 2 Up to 4 Kg 84€ 48-72h
  PACK 3 Up to 5 Kg 88€ 48-72h
  PACK 1 Up to 2,5 Kg 66€ 48-72h
  PACK 2 Up to 4 Kg 81€ 48-72h
  PACK 3 Up to 5 Kg 88€ 48-72h

In order to know to which area belongs your country, check the complete table available at the following link:

Detailed shipment area table

*=Delivery times are to be considered excluding all holidays and pre-holidays times. These are times related directly to SDA, so we are not responsible for delays
**=Shipping costs includes packaging and fuel costs.Maybe subject to change, so please ask for confirmation
***=This type of shipment is valid only for orders that consist of a single product, for a space issue.

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